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I gladly confirm our lasting satisfaction with the professional services of OmniFin. OmniFin has played a crucial role in establishing our local business in Poland. Thanks to high competence and smooth communication with OmniFin specialists, at each stage we have had comfort that we understand, where we are and what steps are in front of us. Definitely, the attitude of OmniFin team is of kind that is sought and expected by most organizations investing in Poland from abroad.

Audun Fosselie Hansen - CEO - Simula Innovation (Norway)

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CFO Outsourcing

CFO Outsourcing - is a unique service directed to those enterprises, which in their operations need management information, but their size does not justify appointing a position of CFO or f...




In course of our cooperation with clients in maintaining the books and finance management, on current basis and actively we analyze the tax situation of enterprises. We help in tax planning...

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At OmniFin we value our extensive experience on each competence level of enterprise finance. We observe this as a huge advantage for us and for our clients. Our domain remains our passion, which we attempt to manifest through the way we provide our services.